1. NFL Week 10 Visions

    Its time for the  SUPER BOWL THREAT DRAFT!! Dave an Matt square off and discuss their three favorite teams to win it all. Dave “Dougie Bush” Busher joins the pod to share his  insights on the sporting world. #5Downs

    1st down:   Super Bowl Threat Draft (1:17)

    2nd down: Visions through the Bush (4:51)  feat.  Dave Busher

    3rd down: Bucket List NFL Stadium (11:01)

    4th down: Best Bets (12:40)

    5th down: Vision Muds (14:20)

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  2. NFL Week 5 Visions

    Very controversial episode, NSFW…. Dave and Matt look back and forward on whats been going on in the NFL. They answer some interesting questions and break down whats going on.  This weeks #5downs

    1- Week 4 Recap   6:34

    2- Fantasy Questions  10:32

    3- Who are the MOST annoying types of football fans??  19:55

    4- Blurred & Binocular Visions   27:18

    5- Best Bets and LOCK of the week!   33:37




  3. NFL Week 3 Visions

    You have to make a 35 yarder..straight on… to win the game.. in OT…on the road..Period.

    In this weeks episode Dave and Matt break down Week 2, barely… we already know what happened… let’s talk about the future.

    The weeks #5Downs :

    1) Week 2 Recap – Vikings/Packer reactions    1:49

    2) Favorite Running Backs??    4:50

    3) What is a MUST HAVE for football Sunday?     9:01

    4) Twitter Questions     24:53

    5) BEST BET & Survivor LOCK    32:45




  4. NFL 2018-2019 VISIONS

    Dave Carroll and Matt Moseley are back to kickoff the 2018-2019 football season!! In this weeks episode we introduce our new format of #5downs..

    1- Draft strategy for Auction / Snake (4:20)

    2- New rule for making fantasy football more fun (12:25)

    3- One receiver that’s going to take a big jump in fantasy?  (19:37)

    4- Worst place to watch to try an watch football (22:12)

    5- First head coach to get fired (30:37)

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  5. Cabin Visions

    In one of our most OC episodes to date… The Supervisions Crew talk  MN sports LIVE from Burmis’ cabin!! We’re all pumped up for the Twolves and excited to see what they bring this year! How about Gopher football?! We go game by game through the schedule and give our picks! CHECK IT OUT!!






  6. Soccer Visions Ep. 1

    This week we talk about soccer with some die hard fans.. in studio we have “40” aka @BirdIsTheWordMN and MJ aka Sui @mjmattsui!!! We cover the Gold Cup final and the MLS Experience.. What American soccer NEEDS to do going forward! Thoughts about the new Allianz Field for the Loons in the 2019 season. Hosted by @I_am_DC

    Check out the podcast twitter at @SupervisonsPC

  7. NFL Week 14 Visions

    Are you in the fantasy football playoffs?? Dave Carroll and Joe Bjorklund are here to give you all the advice you need to win your round 1 match ups! We got Week 13 reactions and Week 14 predictions, waiver wire advice and who to start in crucial games. Who is your favorite start this week? Joe and Dave talk about their favorite players to start and who to avoid starting this week Game previews of #MNvsJAX #OAKvsKC #SEAvsGB #DALvsNYG that and so much more.. Check it out!!

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  8. NFL Week 12 Thanksgiving Edition

    For the first time in Super Visions history we’re doing a round table to celebrate Thanksgiving. Live from Mose’s basement Super Visions talks about everything you need to know for the Thanksgiving games and the rest of Week 12. This is a must listen for anyone driving anywhere looking to kill time. Give us feed back on how you like the round table discussion. Subscribe to us on iTunes.. Follow us on social media::